Our Vision

We strive to sustain our promise through unfaltering social contribution and pursuing strategic growth and diversification opportunities.


Everyone and everything is worthy of esteem.
Shitashiki Naka Nimo Reigi Ari.

We consider ourselves, others, and everything as worthy of value and treat them with amiability, kindness, care, and politeness, regardless their differences of age, sex, gender, background, point of view, culture, or whatever else; giving space to coexist and interact in an empathetic way.
It is our number one priority, to provide the highest standard of welfare (physical and mental health) with a confident, protected, and nice workplace, a kind & friendly environment (atmosphere) and supply different benefits that make our work more pleasant. We strive to achieve the right work-life balance, knowing the importance of private time. We greet each day with a positive attitude and determination.
Everyone accepts his/her responsibility.

We are self-driven and self-starters with the ability to tackle tasks with excellence, accountability, and a positive energy, independently and in groups. We keep our promises to stay on task and meet our deadlines. We strive to promote personal and professional development through programs that enable us to flourish and grow within our roles and succeed.
Mutual cooperation and clear communication.

At Katayama we work as a team, in unison and with respect. We value cooperation and loyalty and strive to create a friendly and positive rapport amongst our team through engagement and encouragement. Communication is key for us, and our teams share pertinent information to avoid misunderstandings, keep everyone aware, coordinated and on the same page.
A trustworthy Group.

Our perfected processes are tailored to guarantee high quality products and services that have made our reputation since 1947. We believe trust and compassion (omoiyari) are the foundation of great relationships that last generations. It is paramount to us to maintain an effective communication in our relationships, with transparency throughout our processes.
As a company that pursues people's well-being, we value the life-work balance of each employee. By introducing remote work, flextime, and allowing employees to bring their children to work, we provide a work environment that maintains good mental and physical health and a good relationship with society, and allows employees to continue working even as their life stages change.